Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tunkhannock High School

We never knew what the students had in store for us until we got there.  They were the experts of theme dances.

Probably the most memorable for the band was a Halloween Dance.  The cafeteria was decorated in the usual way and it looked "OK" as we set up.  About 15 minutes into the dance they fogged up the dance floor with tons of dry ice.  All of a sudden the transformation was complete!

Imagine looking down from stage into a 2-3 foot sea of fog and seeing Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs line dancing, Hershey kisses dancing with the Fruit of the Loom apples, grapes and bananas. Everyone was in costume and it was the best!

We became fast friends with Dave the janitor.  He said we were the band that setup and tore down the fastest - even with all the stuff we hauled.  Getting home to the Mrs. before midnight made a great weekend for Dave and he thanked us often.

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