Saturday, March 13, 2010


It seemed that The Leer Brothers Band was always too involved in the music part of the band -  neglecting the care and feeding of the "promotional" aspects of the business.

It wasn't until Jay and Lars joined Mel Wynn and The Rhythm Aces for a reunion tour that the questions about LBB came to light.

When Jerry asked us to get together at Coughlin High School and play for the students before he retired, we knew something was stirrin'.  Even then he pissed off the local press when he forgot to call our friend Jerry Kishbaugh of the Citizen's Voice whose office was almost across the street from the venue!  (Sorry Jerry.  I'm sure there are others.)

It has taken some effort to convince "the brothers" that maybe, just maybe, we should grab a domain, blog, whatever and give this thing a shot.

At least we may be able to reconnect with those fans that came to dance and support and have fun with the band.

At least we can have a place for everyone to share what memories remain.

At least it's  

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Chap said...

Twig, awesome bio on the site, great video of "Dirty Water". Seen a different version of this before when I asked you about the righty's Tele and you informed me it wasn't a Fender or something like that. Good stuff. Thanks for sending it, Twig...